Effective August 7, we will only accept campers from MA, CT, ME, VT, NH, NJ and NY unless proof is provided of a negative Cover-19 test result that was administered within 72 hours of arrival. More information can be found here at

Even though coming to stay with us is very low risk we do not want to take any chances and therefore have taken the following steps:

- Stay home if sick or in quarantine. Avoid entering the premises if symptomatic.

- Each campsite is intended for one family. No group gatherings.

- Visitors are allowed, but names and contact information are needed to enable contact tracing. Please email the office this information.

- No guests or staff allowed on site who have any symptoms of fever or who have been overseas recently.

- Pool and playground are now open.  Pool regulations will be posted and provided to all guests in advance.

- We have implemented a regime of cleaning all common door handles and surfaces on a daily basis.

- We have provided ample hand washing in our bathhouse for all campers. Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

- Laundry is available. 

- Firewood and store items are available. Please call the office to arrange a visit. 

- Conduct a verbal briefing for all guests in being mindful about placing hands near mouths, hygiene practices & courtesy for other guests

- We practice social distancing and there for will not shake hands

-Maintain 6 ft separation between individuals, except for household members

- Face covering are required when leaving your campsite, entering pool area, or rest rooms.

- The bathhouse (toilets and showers) will be limited to one guest at a time. Our bathhouse does not provide enough room to allow for social distancing.

Be Safe, Be Well

Thanks, Dan


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108 Broadway - Pittsfield, MA 01201 - (413) 442-3754

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108 Broadway - Pittsfield, MA 01201

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